The Career Launch Readiness Assessment
The Career Launch Readiness Assessment

This formative assessment evaluates students

Career Readiness distilled from the:

  • Career Leadership Collective High-Impact Career Mobility Best Practices 
  • ​NACE Career Readiness Competencies
The Career Leadership Collective
National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)
High-Impact Career Mobility Practices 
derived from Student/Alumni Data
Career Readiness Competencies
derived from Employer Data
(what experiences during college contributed 
to having a fulfilling career)
(what skills are most important to excel during employment)
The Career Launch Readiness Assessment
The Career Launch Readiness Assessment

This formative assessment evaluates a student's career development, including their readiness to create professional relationships to access the hidden job market and land the internships and jobs they want

Built upon 10+ years of student data. Designed and created by


measure career readiness at scale

  • You'll learn where your students are as they enter your institution
  • ​You'll increase student usage with existing career resources
  • ​You'll see data about your student's growth as they exit 


  • They enjoy:
  • gaining an understanding of their holistic career readiness
  • ​learning about the importance of increasing social capital with employers
  • ​reflecting on their career readiness growth as they complete the assessment a 2nd and/or 3rd time
  • Learn strategies and advice about the: 
  • ​High-Impact Career Mobility Practices
  • ​NACE Career Readiness Competencies

partners say

  • ​Implementation options are easy & flexible
  • ​Student data helps make more informed strategic decisions
  • Customization available to drive engagement in your other career resources, events, and programs at your college!



  • Gain understanding of current readiness to effectively create professional relationships and land internships and jobs
  • Learn strategies and tips: 
  • ​​How to create relationships with professionals
  • ​Ways to enhance online reputation
  • ​Approaches to landing desired positions
  • ​Personal and professional growth

Colleges & Career Programs

  • Great for
  • ​1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Career and Professional Development Courses​
  • ​Workshops on Building Social Capital and Networking
  • ​Job/Internship Search Best Practices Seminars
  • ​Student Retreats
  • ​Group Coaching Programs
  • ​1st year Courses, and more
  • ​Easy & flexible implementation options 
  • ​Utilize student data to inform strategic decision making

Personalized PDF Report

Real-Time Student Data to Drive your Equity Initiatives


Custom Reporting Dashboards

  • Benchmark cohorts with usage analytics and aggregated results reports
  • ​Real-time data & reporting
  • ​Customizable charts, tables, and filters
  • ​Download individual or aggregate data in your preferred format
  • ​Macro-data & Individual Results Analysis



  • Real-time macro-data, segmented-data & individual student results and analysis
  • ​Benchmark various student populations with career readiness and social capital analytics
  • ​Segment career readiness data by Academic Affairs attributes and Student Affairs attributes 
  • ​Easily identify which students are in most need of support and resources! 
  • ​Evaluate Individual Student Results
  • ​​Customizable charts, tables, and filters
  • ​Download individual, segmented, or aggregate data in your preferred format
The Career Launch Readiness Assessment


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When you serve first-gen students well, 
you serve all students well 

"We are proud partners with Career Launch. Their evidence-based research, tools for measuring career readiness, and equitable social capital curriculum are making a difference for their college partners across the country."
— Terry Vaughan 3rd, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Director
The Pell Institute

Announcement coming November 2023

The Career Leadership Collective, a solutions group helping colleges and universities build capacity around career development and home of the National Alumni Career Mobility Survey, has partnered with Career Launch to help colleges and universities more effectively and equitably scale students’ ability to launch job or internship searches in the hidden job market, especially for students with few to no employment connections. The hidden job market is known to represent up to 80% of available jobs that never get posted on job boards, but rather come through networking and relationships.

"This assessment is a landmark career education tool for our field when it comes to teaching students how to build social capital and navigate the hidden job market. It will dramatically help career centers and campuses to scale equitable job search success."

— Jeremy Podany, Founder and CEO, The Career Leadership Collective

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