Drive Better Outcomes by

capturing career readiness data

upon entry and exit

This formative assessment evaluates student's holistic

Career Readiness, distilled from national research:

  • Career Leadership Collective Career Mobility Best Practices 
  • Career Leadership Collective Career Mobility Best Practices 
  • The Student Experiences During College that Drive Career Mobility
  • The Student Experiences During College that Drive Career Mobility
    • ​NACE Career Readiness Competencies
    • ​NACE Career Readiness Competencies
    • The Skills Valued Most by Employers
    • The Skills Valued Most by Employers

    "It's difficult to improve what you don't measure."

    "We are implementing the Career Launch Readiness Assessment campus-wide to gather longitudinal, macro data, and segmented student population data on our students’ career readiness over the course of their time at our institution. The rich data set is leading our desire to increase career readiness for every student with a specific eye on inclusive career design.

    By assessing our students from the beginning to the end of their experience, we gain valuable data insights which enables us to more effectively identify career development services that specific student populations need."

    Erica Estes, MA
    Assistant Vice Chancellor & Executive Director, 
    Offices of Career Connections
    University of Arkansas

    Increase Career Readiness for ALL Students

    Baseline Data Upon Entry

    Pre/Post for Courses and Cohorts

    Work Study/Internship/WBL

    (Observer/Employer Data--Coming Soon)

    Growth Data Upon Graduation

    The Career Launch Readiness Assessment


    • Real-time macro-data, segmented-data & individual student results and analysis
    • ​Benchmark various student populations with career readiness and social capital analytics
    • ​Segment career readiness data by Academic Affairs attributes and Student Affairs attributes 
    • ​Easily identify which students are in most need of support and resources! 
    • ​Evaluate Individual Student Results
    • ​​Customizable dashboards and charts
    • ​Download individual, segmented, or aggregate data in your preferred format


    measure career readiness at scale

    • You'll learn where your students are as they enter your institution
    • ​You'll increase student usage with existing career resources
    • ​You'll increase and improve WBL and Internship experiences
    • ​You'll see data about your student's growth as they exit 
    “99% of our incoming students completed the Career Launch Readiness Assessment this year!  The baseline data allows us to identify and impact the students who need it the most. The data also leads to more informed decisions in academic affairs and student affairs. 
    Our administration appreciates the rich data provided in our customized dashboards. Students appreciate being informed about career readiness as they completed the 7-8 minute experience. 

    Shannon McPartlon
    Executive Director, Office of Partnerships
    College of Creative Studies

    College partners say

    • ​Implementation options are easy & flexible
    • ​Student data helps make more informed strategic decisions
    • ​Segmented data identifies which students and student populations would benefit to most from additional support
    • ​Data allows for more substantive conversations with leadership
    • ​Sharing data with campus-partners has galvanized relationships and provided increase value to relationships with colleagues
    • Customizations drive engagement to other career resources, events, and programs at their college!

    STUDENTS say

    • They enjoy:
    • gaining an understanding of their career readiness
    • ​learning about career mobility best practices
    • ​reflecting on their career readiness growth as they complete the assessment a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time



    • Gain understanding of current career readiness competencies


    • ​Utilize student data to inform strategic decision making
    • ​​Easy & flexible implementation options 

    Real-Time Student Data to Drive your Outcome Initiatives

    "I highly value the analytics dashboards, case studies, and data provided by Career Launch. This invaluable information not only informs our career services programming but also enhances our influence with leaders across the campus and allows for further collaboration. Notably, the data has played a pivotal role in further supporting programs such as our Adult English Second Language (AESL), Puente, Elevate, and College Corps. We have been able to improve our programs by assessing the data receive."

    Amanda Romero
    Director of Career Center | Counseling Co-Chair
    Irvine Valley Community College

    Demo the Student Experience 
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    "We are proud partners with Career Launch. Their evidence-based research, tools for measuring career readiness, and equitable social capital curriculum are making a difference for their college partners across the country."
    — Terry Vaughan 3rd, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Director
    The Pell Institute
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